Introducing me

So having decided yes I will do this blog thing I thought a proper introduction might be a good idea.

We are a family of 3; I live with my husband James and my son Phoenix who is 4. We have 2 pets, a black Labrador dog named Sabah and a blue Siamese fighter fish named Nebuchadnezzar. We live in Christchurch, New Zealand, I’ve been here since 2006 (ex-Wellingtonian). We have been through the earthquakes and it has become something that’s part of our lives, we are used to seeing cones everywhere, bumpy roads and roads constantly being worked on and people stressed about their house’s or lack of house.

I work part time as an online marketer for a arts and crafts company, the rest of my time is devoted to my son and to art quilting/textile art, or various creative activities like modern quilting, English paper piecing, cross stitch, illustration, fabric furniture decoupage and generally making stuff.

I’m also the author of a gluten free cookbook (pre-quilting days) and our family are coeliacs so we are a strictly no gluten household. We have no problem eating sugar and fat though. We love our pizza, ice creams, lollies and cakes. Phoenix was diagnosed with autism at 2 and the last couple of years have been challenging so I’ve lost interest in cooking and baking and my foodie days are in the past but recently Phoenix has decided he loves baking so we are back in the kitchen making cakes.

I have a stitch group called Stitch Sisters. I started it with my friend Hayley about 2 years ago now, we found newbie quilter Andrea next and she is fabulous, after a while of it just being the 3 of us we grew to 9 people and we meet every week. Everyone ranges from a newbie quilter to quilting for decades, blogging, pattern designing, tutoring, judging, published, exhibiting etc. A wide range of skills and talents, some of the girls are amazing knitters too, half of us also like cross stitch and embroidery. Age wise we range from 30-60, I love that we are all different and we all bring something unique to the group. It’s a down to earth, supportive, talented, fun group of people.

As for my quilting journey, I guess I was in a way destined to end up being a quilter. My mother was a quilter who tutored and owned her own quilt shop, I was orphaned growing up (lost both parents to cancer) and I was left with a couple of hundred quilts and a Bernina 1120. I swore I’d never be a quilter as I was into design & illustration, street art and modern art not fuddy duddy quilting! Obviously things have changed.

I started quilting in mid 2010 I think it was, I used a pattern from the first Material Obsession book and repeated the same block pattern from a cot quilt to make a lap sized quilt. After that first quilt I went to the great Australian Quilt & Craft Fair that visits New Zealand every year and discovered art quilts, I loved it and decided that was what I wanted to do. I also occasionally make modern quilts for the couch or beds in our house but I mostly make art quilts ranging from 12x12” minis to 1.6m (63”). I started exhibiting in 2012 nationally and my first international quilt will be exhibited next month in Houston International Quilt Festival 2015. I’ve won a few awards with the most recent being Amateur 1st place in No Place Like Home Category at Manawatu Symposium 2015. I created my first website in July this year and now apparently I’m going to blog, why? well, why not? I'll leave it up to you to tell me if I'm boring:)

Here's some photos, my first quilt Rocketman. And some of my art quilts.

#christchurch #quilting #autism #artquilts #glutenfree #stitchsisters

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