What materials do I use in my textile art?

I use fabric, thread, acrylic paint, oil paint and ink

How will my textile art age over time?

All art may fade in sunlight and it’s recommended you keep your textile art out of direct light. Hang them in your home in places where they are not in direct light or partial sunlight. Textile art pieces are designed to last a lifetime and to be passed on to the next generation. 

How do I take care of my textile artwork?

A gentle wipe with a damp cloth is the recommended way to clean textile art. Some pieces would be able to be rinsed but that varies for each piece. The artworks cannot be put in a washing machine. Textile art pieces that are stored should be re-folded differently at least every 12 months to prevent permanent creases forming, should be stored somewhere that is not damp, is out of direct sunlight and in a breathable wrap (i.e.  Not plastic).

Some benefits of owning textile artworks. . .

Textile art is soft so it’s safer to hang on your walls than heavy canvases and large frames with glass. I live in Christchurch and we’ve experienced devastating earthquakes over the last few years; in an earthquake textile art will probably not fall off your wall and if it does it will not cause injury or break. It’s also ideal to use in business premises in earthquake zones as a safer alternative. 

How can I purchase one of your textile artworks?

Email me or message me via my Facebook page. I can let you know if the artwork you’re interested in is available (it may be touring in an exhibition nationally or internationally, already sold or not for sale). Purchases would be couriered to you either minimally folded or rolled around a foam core depending on the size of the piece, its method of construction and intended destination.