Textile artist, art quilter, illustrator, cookbook author, ceramic artist, mother, online marketer

My childhood was spent in my mum's fabric shop and I’ve always been around people who have been into sewing and quilting. My interests were in contemporary art, design and illustration but it wasn't until my late 20's I became aware of textile art. Once I discovered that I could merge drawing and painting with fabric and thread; I was hooked. I started on this path in 2011, started exhibiting in 2012 and have been designing and making art quilts ever since. I started a stitching group called ‘Stitch Sisters’ with a friend in 2014, we currently have 10 members. We meet weekly, attend exhibitions and symposia together and host annual summer and winter retreats. I currently spend my time with my sons and when I get a chance I like to create textile art and experiment with new paints and products.

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